Welcome to the new world of fashion design!

Beyond Compare is a Berlin based fashion collective that develops inspiring 3D-content.

We help Fashion Designers digitize their processes from prototyping to marketing.

Be part of a digital movement and experience the future of fashion presentations!

Streamline your design process

If you are in the market for a computer, there are a number of factors to consider.

Virtual Prototyping

Get a 3D-Prototype based on vectors of clothing patterns.

Virtual Content Creation

pictures of virtual clothes and marketing material


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Next Show at Berlin Fashion Week 2020

We have great plans ahead

For the upcoming fashion week we once again join forces with our partners from Yoona Technology.

One more time we are going to create a whole fashion collection with 3D-Design Software and let our digital models walk down the runway.

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Meet our Team


"I love to artistically realize my full potential by creating dreams from clothing. With my long experience as tailor and costume designer, I can now bring my experience to a perfect optimized process with new technolgy, so me and others have more time for creativity."

Meet our Team


"3D Design is the coolest way to visualize my ideas within seconds"


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