“Paris is always Paris, and Berlin is never Berlin”

Berlin is undergoing constant change. It is being transformed by the people who live in the city and is constantly evolving. On each shadow side / each shadow follows a sunny side. At the point where they meet, there is room for growth. Hardly any other city is as cosmopolitan and tolerant as Berlin with its endless many facets. Berlin is on the pulse of the times and embodies the high-tech era in which we are currently, like no other. It is the "everything is possible" city. A melting pot for creatives from all around the world, with over 400 art galleries, 35,000 local artists and some of Europe's key startups like Etsy and SoundCloud, this is undoubtedly one of the world's leading creative metropolises. If Berlin offers one, then there is room for international talent, space to be creative! Every 20 hours a new startup is founded here.

who we are

030 for us is not just a code but an attitude to life. The city has shaped not only the way we live, but also our thinking and acting. We believe in the power of Berlin's creative scene. We believe that together we can achieve far more than we could ever dream of. With this in mind, with the desire to bring more sustainability into the fashion industry, Beyond Compare has emerged.

Did you know that there are more than 1,600 bridges in Berlin, more than in Venice? That is why we have made it our mission to build bridges between tradition and digitization. (We want to find ways that not only make it possible to co-exist side by side, but also create interfaces where both can benefit from each other.Interdisciplinary work is what distinguishes our collective. Our members are as diverse as the districts of Berlin, colorful and noisy as Kreuzberg, scene like Mitte and relaxed like Charlottenburg. Whether you are an IT nerd, 3D designer, costume designer, graphic designer or marketing specialist, we put everything together and lead each project into a new dimension. We are many, we are incomparable, we are Berlin.

What we do and why

As a collective, we want to bring innovation into the process chains of traditional companies by integrating 3D prototyping. We help companies digitize their processes from prototyping to photo shoots.Unlike the tech industry, the fashion world is deeply rooted in their traditions. But in differences we see opportunities. We do not want to renounce tradition, we want to upgrade it, because we see digitization as the key to sustainability. In terms of sustainability, digitization is probably not the first term that comes to mind, but it does. By switching to virtual prototyping, companies can significantly reduce their ecological footprint in the first steps of the production process. When should one still produce and send endless samples of a product in the digitized world of today, and send it around the world,if there is a digital alternative for which only the Internet and a computer is required? Virtual prototypes are created without the consumption of resources and as a bonus, there is the cross-market visual material directly.We are creating a digital future for fashion.